All Things New, Exciting and Wendy Higgins

All Things New, Exciting and Wendy Higgins

Wow it has been far too long yet again! I’m sorry for my extended absence and I promise to make up for it with plenty of reviews, changes, upgrades, interviews and exciting news! I don’t want to give to much away about upcoming changes but here is what I can tell you: I am discontinuing weekly dares. Be on the look out for both my opinion on Under The Never Sky and possibly (cross your fingers) an interview from the author Veronica Rossi herself! Slowly but surely this blog is going to get all cleaned up and looking snazzy with new features and a new look. Now for all you Wendy Higgins and Sweet Trilogy fans here is the scoop. Kai seriously needs your help in the YA Crush Tourney  he is going against Will Herondale so Vote!  And if you need incentive to vote Kai here you go: For every 100 votes he receives, Kaidan’s tourney advocate Kayleigh is doing giveaways for signed swag and books on Twitter! All you have to do is tweet with the hashtag #TeamKaidan today and you’re entered!  Visit her Twitter page at K_Books. And if he wins *drum roll* Wendy is going to release an “extra yummy steamy teaser” from sweet reconing! Eeeeeeep! Vote, vote, vote people! I am absolutely thrilled to announce that at midnight this Saturday, the cover for Wendy’s new stand alone novel, See Me will be revealed! So check it out right here!  *Hugs* Have a great week guys! I will miss you all this coming week but like I said I promise to give you guys some great stuff soon!!/tpc000/matSee%20Me%20by%20Wendy%20Higgins/mac000/mptYou%20Can%20Now%20View%20the%20Cover%20for%20See%20Me!/mpc000/iso2013-07-13T12:00:00/bas3/bacff0/pd2


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