A-Z Edits

A-Z Edits

I promised myself I wasn’t going to do this. I always always power through even the crappiest books I begin to read it has only ever happened 2 times before this that I have just given up. I am usually a good portion into the book before I simply can’t handle it anymore. I can not force myself to suffer through it any longer. There will always be a few books in this world that in the hands of the wrong reader literally make reading the last thing they want to do. Sadly, The Testing by Joelloe Charbonneau, thus far, has been one of them. Suzanne, of Liberty Bay Books, asked me to read it, as it was currently their number one, so happily I complied. I started reading it almost immediately, and put it on my A-Z reading challenge list. I am sorry to say that I have decided I have to give up on this book. I am only 44 pages in but I just can’t stand it anymore. It is slow moving and has wayyyyyy more rising action than necessary. I mean 44 pages and the only exciting event is that Malencia is chosen for testing, and that is no surprise because it says that happens in the synopsis because the whole book is about her going through “The Testing!” I am 44 pages in and she hasn’t even left for testing yet! It is slow, bland and just generally a snore so far and I can’t handle it anymore. I am changing the letter T on my A-Z challenge. I will go back and change it on the list but I thought you all should know. I am so very sorry it has come to this. My new T book will be Touch by Jus Accardo.


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