My Mind is Slowly Decaying

My Mind is Slowly Decaying

I have officially decided that my mind must be slowly decaying or something because I have just totally lost my grip on everything in my life this past week and that just seems the only logical explanation. My room has suddenly turned into the aftermath of a war zone, clothing, markers and other assorted crap litter virtually every square inch of my floor. But now that I think about it it kinda always looks like that. I completely, utterly, spaced both this week’s Teaser Tuesday post and Stacking The Shelves post. I’m so sorry about that and again have no logical excuse or explanation other than that my mind must be slowly decaying. And, I had two just flat out emotional break downs, one over a pie. A PIE! I am officially certain that my mind is for sure slowly yet surely decaying. So, one big apology to ya’ll and my family and a big thank you for putting up with my madness. Today I will post both a Teaser Tuesday post and a Stacking the Shelves post. And I will try my hardest to remember to post both on time this coming Tuesday and Saturday. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend and have a wonderful week!


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