Stacking The Shelves

Stacking The Shelves

I am so excited about this post! I have been waiting for this post for days, even though I only added one book to my shelves this week.

It was for sure the highlight of my week. 🙂 And why yes, yes I did look almost exactly like that. And why yes, of course, I stroked it, and smelled it, and loved it, and still love it dearly, because what else would you ever do with a book?

And did I tell you that it has one of those weird, yet awesome covers that is all soft-ish and almost velvety feeling! Oh, I’m sorry, I almost forgot to tell you what it was! I bought myself a copy of The Scar Boys in a purely impulsive moment where I lost all self control thanks to a newly rediscovered Barnes and Noble gift card.

The Scar Boys

But, I most certainly do not regret it. It was love at first line. Of course it took a while to get to that fabulous first line and through the into thanks to some classmates that didn’t seem to get that when someone is reading it means that you don’t talk to them or interrupt and pester them about the book itself or anything else. Especially not at the beginning or end. They also didn’t seem to be capable of reading basic body language and vocal tone. It should have been no secret that I deeply wanted to smack them until they shut up.

I had planned on taking pictures so you could experience the beauty better, but then I was too lazy and tired for that after a full day of singing and living life, so the plain cover picture above will just have to be enough for y’all, sorry. So I guess this Stacking the Shelves post was a bit unorthodox but hey, aren’t some of the best things unorthodox?  
Right, the book. Well, I really encourage you to not only add it on Goodreads but buy a copy through Liberty Bay Books by clicking the hyperlinked title beneath the cover! They have autographed copies and if you request one when you order they are happy to send you one!
Does it drive you crazy when people try to talk to you way too much when you are reading? What are your reading pet peeves? Do you believe in love at first line? 

6 thoughts on “Stacking The Shelves

  1. I also sniffed the book! You shoved it in my face, and everyone around us thought we were insane, but it did smell quite good. And yes, love at first line is possible (love at first sight, not to much. But first line? I believe it.)


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