A Welcome Back Hurah and Miscellaneous-ness

A Welcome Back Hurah and Miscellaneous-ness

Ah it’s good to be back, and it is hard to believe that I’ve been away for this long and survived with out you guys for that amount of time! Catherine did a fabulous job running things and I hope y’all enjoyed her posts as much as I did. I hope to get one or two reviews up relatively soon and have some ideas of other new things I look forward to trying out on you guys/ with you guys.

One side note of randomness I’d like to address right now: I would like your feedback. I want to know how you guys feel about my posts and features and such and tell me what you like and what you think I could improve on. Cait from the Notebook Sisters sometimes mentions what things she doesn’t like seeing in other bloggers posts and I often agree with her, but I also recognize that I could very well be doing those things without knowing, because often we are blind to flaws in our own work. So, feel free to help me out by giving me feedback, whether it is in the comments below this post, or on another post, or by emailing me. Not just today but anytime you have anything to tell me whether it is feedback, recommendations, just want to chit chat about books, have questions, or anything else, feel free to contact me. I love hearing from you guys and making my blog better in any way I can.

Secondly, I have been thinking of doing a new feature to share my writing with you guys. If you didn’t already know, I love writing. I don’t just read I write. I haven’t had much time for it lately, but I still love it dearly. I am also highly ambitious. I am so ambitious that it is almost more of a fault than a strength. So, when I saw one of Catherine’s posts encouraging people to add on to her story with their own writing in the comments, and naturally I took the idea and ran with it and thought, hey, why not try writing an entire book that way? You guys would add on and the plot would happen as we went along and then Catherine and I could edit it. I think it would be really cool maybe someday it’d get published if it worked. Everyone would get credit and it would be a cool project and experiment. I will post the starting piece if you guy’s would like to try it. I will try to make it generic enough that it can be added on to freely without forcing the plot or anything in any particular direction for at least the first part. People would be able to add however much or little they’d like. What do you guys think? Should we try it?

Also, as a reminder, or a notification if you haven’t heard, I am still open to recommendations to add to the book chest for my nephews and nieces, and thank you for the recommendations you guys have mad. It you haven’t seen the post addressing this, here is what’s happening. I am planning on making a chest for my nieces and nephews and filling it with books that were or are very important, inspirational, exceptional, ect. to me, that I would like to pass down to them. If you have any more recommendations for books to add to the chest. Thanks again for all your recommendations!

I don’t think there is anything else, but then again, by now I might have forgotten. So, that’s all for now folks.


One thought on “A Welcome Back Hurah and Miscellaneous-ness

  1. WELCOME BACK! (I didn't enslave your people, I promise.)

    The idea of writing a whole story like that is ambitious, definitely. But I think there are some serious issues with it. You already know I'm reluctant about pantsing, but it can work if the author has a clear idea of what's going to happen in their head, so multiple heads? Anarchy. Also characters would be hard to keep consistent and I feel like everything would die. It could be fun, but a full length novel might be pushing it.

    AND OH! Reccomendations! I enjoyed all of Roald Dahl's books. Also, Laura Ingalls Wilder's books (Little House on the Prairie, etc.) For around the eleven year point, you should add the Percy Jackson series. And then, depending on how far in range/appropriateness you want to go, I'd recommend adding John Green, Speak, and This Song Will Save Your Life because the themes are really great and explicitly relevant to pre-teens and teens.


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