Another Round of Short and Sweet Reviews

Another Round of Short and Sweet Reviews

Ok guys so I cranked out three posts yesterday, two reviews and a stacking the shelves post and today I am determined to get at least one if not two posts done. I had big plans to not only do a few posts, but finish up all the reviews I haven’t done yet, get all caught up, ya know? Well, once I wrote out the list of books I needed to review, my plans changed. I am pretty overwhelmed by my list of 8 books to do full length reviews for. That’s just not happening folks, sorry. I love y’all, but not quite that much.  So, I’m going to do some Short and Sweets.

Heart Beat

This is not usually my kind of book, but I liked it well enough. It was emotional and raw, and truthful/realistic. The characters were pretty good, the plot wasn’t too exciting but I mean it worked. It was a bit predictable, but it was ok. The writing was just kind of there, not anything too special, elaborate, or crazy, but like the plot, it worked.
It was decent…

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It’s been a while since I’ve read a good adventure book, so I was excited to read it. It turned out to be a bit more of a romance. Or at least equal parts adventure and romance. There is a love triangle. It isn’t great. It isn’t bad. It’s just there and slightly irritating. It really bothered me that Alexa had been pretending to be a guy all this time, and should pretty much be immune to her peers now, after years of being around them and knowing that that is not going to happen, because as far as they are concerned she’s a man, and she needs to keep it that way. However, every time a guy was involved she talked about his attractive features and was crushing on like everyone. I mean really?! The plot was pretty good and same with the writing. The characters were fine. Overall it was still a really fun read and I’d recommend it.

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Ok this book was a wild card for me, but it was pretty cool. It was realistic and worked with some moral issues and themes found in society and humanity. The plot was pretty good, although I kind of saw the end coming. (Just a little bit) The writing was pretty good too. I really liked the main characters, all of the characters really. The relationships were interesting, but I felt like most of them never really fully developed and were just kind of sitting there on the side lines “half-cooked.” It was a pretty cool book and the whole premise was pretty interesting. I would recommend it. 

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Uninvited has a really cool story line and the book approaches a lot of moral issues or themes, but I was a bit frustrated because it seemed to run from them once they were established. I thought they were going to tackle it with the ending and the end was going to be this epic and inspiring throw down, and then nothing related to the theme I had seen beginning to appear in the start of the book happened. It actually almost ended up running full speed ahead in the opposite direction. It wasn’t ruin the whole book or anything, but it was a bit bothersome. I loved Sean. I liked a lot of the characters other than him but I didn’t feel like I got to know many of them very well or deeply, except Davvy, and even with her I didn’t feel like I got to know her that well, just better than the other characters. The writing and plot were fine, and again, it was a fun read and I’d recommend it for a quick, good read.

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End Times
Ah End Times, this is an interesting read. I didn’t realize it was going to be some religious “End of All Days,” “Rapture,” “The Final Judgment is Upon Us” type thing with prophesies, powers, prophets, cults and such. (Yes I do realize it says End Times and The Prophet Emerges on the front cover. It just didn’t click for me for some reason I was too distracted by the oil or something or maybe my brain was eating itself at the time, I don’t know just don’t judge me ok? Ok. The characters were pretty cool and the whole thing was pretty intense. I don’t really know how I feel about it. I am kind of on the fence about it. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t AMAZING, it was just good.

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