Introducing Sunday Swoons!

Introducing Sunday Swoons!

It’s time to introduce one of those new features I mentioned in my last post! I’m SO excited about this one! I wanted it to be Swoon Worthy Sunday, but alas another blog had a similar feature by that title, so Catherine helped me come up with something different (yes, I can see it is almost exactly the same, just shhh.). I’m not into chickflicks and mushy rom-coms ect. yet I’m still a bit of a romantic at heart and I love the perfect romantic relationship thrown into an adventurous YA book, and I love those totally swoon worthy scenes or characters. So Sunday Swoons was born! Here is how it works, every Sunday I will discuss, list, rave about, fangirl about, quote, or mention something totally swoon worthy that I’ve read! Feel free to join in but please link back and mention me, thanks you guys! You can link up below!

Today’s Swoon Topic is: 5 of My All Time Favorite/Most Swoon Worthy YA Relationships!
(These are not in any particular order)

A. Judith and Luke in All the Truth That’s in Me by Julie Berry

“If I thought I could never love you more, I didn’t understand you well enough.” 
B. Jax and Sasha in The Mephisto Covenant: The Redemption of Ajax by Trinity Faegen
They stood together, arms wrapped tight, listening to the wind through the pines while snow fell softly all around. This was one of those moments in life she knew she’d never forget.

He moved his head so that his lips were close to her ear. “Run, Sasha. If you can do it, run like hell and don’t look back.”

Her breath came in short little gasps. “I don’t want to run.” 

C. Cara and Aelyx in Alienated by Melissa Landers 
” “Love’s not easy for anyone! Why do you think the divorce rate’s so high?”
“Love?” Turning to her dresser he idly lifted the tiny porcelain pig Tori had brought back from her last trip to Peru, flashing a sideways glance and a grin that made her belly quiver. “Are you in love?” “

D. Kai and Anna in The Sweet Trilogy by Wendy Higgins

Those two need each other like a bullet needs a target” 

E. Both Jeb and Alyssa and Alyssa and Morpheus in Splintered by A.G. Howard 
“I was afraid of…”

“Go on…” I press.
“Of unloading my baggage on someone as sweet as you.”
I can’t keep the smile off my lips. “Oh, wow.”
“I guess we’re both oblivious. That’s the same reason I kept running from my feelings for you.”
“Because I’m sweet?” That dimpled, boyish grin flashed over his face.” 

“I hate you.”
“Only because of the way I make you feel.”
My fingernails eat into my palms. “Only because you bring out the worst in me.”
“Oh no, luv. I bring out the life in you.” 



4 thoughts on “Introducing Sunday Swoons!

  1. Well, I obviously vote for Morpheus and Alyssa. 😉 NO JEB. NO.

    hehe…I'll be quite, shhh, I'm being very calm and quiet. I also think Judith and Lucas were very sweet and special and they're slow relationship definitely made me swoon. 🙂 I shipped them so hard.


  2. Haha, oh I know! I have yet to decide. I didn't like Jeb's over protective thing but he got over it so I feel like he is acceptable again. I on't know! Both are so great! I mean admit it, Jeb and Alyssa are cute together at the very least…

    Oh you don't have to be quiet! I like love loud and crazy here! 😉 Especially from you cuz you always say great things and are so fun! Anyways, yes I agree! Thoroughly adorable! I did too and it had a beautiful ending!


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