Introducing Figments Friday!

Introducing Figments Friday!

(The picture above is mine. Please don’t use it without linking back to me or giving me credit as a source. I also would like to recognize the amazing Brooklyn street artist that painted this.)

Well, being the ambitious little devil I am, I’ve come up with yet another weekly meme. The name of this blog is kind of a mini description of myself. You guys obviously have figured out the reader and critic part from my reviews, but that leaves one word, writer. I occasionally mention my writing on here but never in very much detail or very often and I’ve wanted to share more of my writing with you guys for quite a while and have been planning to start up a writing meme. The day has finally come! It’s the first Figments Friday! Here is how it works every Friday I am going to share a figment of my imagination with you guys. It may be a synopsis draft, an excerpt a character interview or description, a teaser quote, ect.. You are welcome to join in as long as you link up with me. You can use my picture as well or create your own.

NOTE: I reserve all rights to all of my original work. If you quote or reference any of it I ask that you give me credit. All of these snippets are works in progress and may have typos or need more editing, for the most part they are first drafts.

Here is a scene from my latest WIP.



8 thoughts on “Introducing Figments Friday!

  1. I love it! I'm curious about what's going on between the two of them πŸ˜‰ I really like this idea. Maybe I'll have to link up with you one of these days, too.


  2. Haha thank you! I'm glad! The person who's POV it is is the character I did this month's Beautiful People link up with. You should join in some time with something about your new WIP! πŸ˜‰


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