Sunday Swoons

Sunday Swoons

Wooohooo! It’s my first Sunday Swoons post with Skylar Finn @ Life of A Random’s help as my fabulous co-host! (She is seriously made of awesomesauce guys! If you haven’t checked out her and her blog yet, you are seriously missing out!) Skylar get’s all the credit and glory for this weeks topic! She has some really great ideas so I’m recharging my creative juices while and going with her awesome topic ideas! She’s a genius and I love all of her ideas!
This Week’s Topic is: If Couples Were Food…
I loved Cait’s post about if book genres were types of pizza and I was feeling inspired by it. Also, I love pizza and I couldn’t think of another food that comes in multiple flavors but is still somehow all the same (in general). I’m sure there are other foods, but I guess my brain was stuck on pizza. So I’m comparing book couples to PIZZA!
Jalapeno Popper Pizza (AKA Anna and Kai)

I know I talk about this couple a lot in these posts, but I have a mild (or not so mild) obsession with them, because I love them both dearly and ship them so hard it hurts. Sure the books weren’t great american literature, but that doesn’t make me love them less! ANYWAYS, Anna and Kai from Wendy Higgins’s Sweet Trilogy  would be Jalapeno Popper Pizza. Kai is hot as, well, jalapeno’s and he makes Anna take a walk on the wild side at times. Anna is just great, and like cheese, everyone likes her. Also, just like cheese makes a pizza, Anna makes the book. The bacon is that guilty pleasure that is just irresistible (I mean how can you not like bacon?) and that description of bacon pretty much fits Anna and Kai’s relationship and the series to a T. 
Breakfast Pizza (AKA Avery and Tane)

This is a pizza but it’s not a pizza. It is simple, only consisting of a few household ingredients, but at the same time quite complex/gourmet, exactly like Avery and Tane’s relationship in Salt & Storm  by Kendall Kulper. It is fresh, unexpected and…pleasant? But not really, you can appreciate it as a nice food (relationship), but it’s not how real pizza (relationships) are supposed to go/be! Yet it’s so good you can’t be bothered anyways. Well…too bothered. *sobs*
Spicy BBQ Chicken Pizza (AKA Nyx and Ignifex)

Spicy BBQ Chicken Pizza (Ignifex and Nyx from Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge) is strange and a bit surprising, I mean is it even pizza? You bite into it expecting it to have marinara sauce but instead spicy BBQ sauce coats your tongue. You take another bite anyway because now you are better prepared for the fact that it is not your run of the mill pizza (romance) and you find after another bite that you enjoy it and then you find you simply can’t stop eating it! It is so different, rich, and spicy! With chicken (basic relationship things/ the meat of the romance) and then bits of red onion thrown in (humor and conflict), you just can’t help but want to devour the entire thing! 

Cheese Pizza (AKA Judith and Lucas)

Cheese pizza, or Lucas and Judith from All The Truth That’s in Me by Julie Berry, is a classic that no one can say no to. It has everything that we love! It’s simple and has all the basics, but it is delicious, almost more delicious than anything fancy with lots of toppings (fluffy complex relationships with triangles, “quadrangles” ect.). It is undeniably good and there’s nothing about it to not like. 
Disclaimer: These comparisons are totally biased, based on both my opinions of pizza and my opinions of the relationships mentioned. 
What kind of pizza would the relationship in your latest read be? If you are in a relationship what kind of pizza do you think your relationship is?

Don’t forget to link up and join in! It’s more fun with you guys!
Next weeks topic is: things girls do to their significant others (that we hate)



5 thoughts on “Sunday Swoons

  1. I love credit and glory! Glad to help so you can rest up 😀 *hugs*

    Your post is seriously made of awesome. I love the way you go into so much detail and I have to say I have a soft spot for the BBQ pizza. Not telling whether it's because I love the pizza or the couple. >.>

    I'm not reading any books right now but for my book I'm going to use School Spirits by Rachel Hawkins. Izzy and Dex (who aren't really a couple but *wiggles eyebrows*) are spicy buffalo chicken pizza. Issy's the spicy sauce. She (just like the sauce) is fierce, kick-butt, and kinda awkward around people (just like buffalo sauce is completely awkward if you get it on your clothes;)). Dex is the chicken that's kinda slathered in a variant of the buffalo sauce. He's a nice guy (an awesome one really) and he's just a normal kid but he has a very unique and colorful appearance. *grins*


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