Sunday Swoons

Sunday Swoons

by Skylar Finn!
If you don’t know what Sunday Swoons is, it’s a weekly feature where Skylar @ Life of a Random and I (and anyone who links up) chat about all things swoon worthy every spectacular Sunday!
1. You’re welcome to use the button Skylar designed as long as you cite her as the source/give her all the loving credit she deserves!
2. You can post in whatever style you would like: list, discussion, etc. as long as what you are talking about goes with the topic for the week.
3. You either must follow the topic given OR you can do a post on the opposite of the topic we give. (Example: Our topic– Top 5 Favorite Couples, Your topic– Top 5 Least Favorite Couples.)
4. Your posts don’t have to have anything to do with books you are reading right now. If you reference specific books, they can be past or older reads. (It’s nice if you put in the Goodreads link to the book, or another site that will take readers to the book’s synopsis, cover, and other information.)
5. Please remember to link back to us in your post, giving us credit for the feature! Also, you can add your link to the link-up tool at either of our posts ( it may only work on mine the first time because we are still working that part out.).
This week’s topic is: Creepy Couples
I’m keeping it short today and just listing my favorite couples from creepy, horror, thriller, and ghostly books. 

Anna and Cas

They have to be my all time favorite (not like I’ve read that many in this genre that involve romance…) “creepy couple.” Their romance is just so unique and heartbreaking and just adorable. Of course it’s a bit creepy too but they are both so strange and creepy that it works together!

I loved them just as much, In book one as in book two!

I feel like there were times when they both felt like this:

Violet and River

Ahhh Violet and River! There are no words for how much I love this book, Violet, River and their romance. It could very well rival Anna and Cas. They are so tastefully quirky and sweet. I’ve never read a romance quite like theirs. I loved every min. of it!

The romance of the second book was pretty painful for me (and the last part of BtDatDBS) but I was still happy with the book overall and everything else about it.

Callie and That one Kid

I didn’t like Callie and Oh-golly-gee-I-don’t-remember-his-name as much as Viole/River and Anna/Cas, but the love triangle was handled pretty darn well. Also, they were a cute couple. They supported each other and were really there for eachother when it counted.

(By the way I am talking about the second guy introduced, the one from her school. The one that was kinda preppy, not sketchy.)



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