A Second Week of Giving

A Second Week of Giving

If you read the post last week, you already know how this all works, but here is a little reminder just incase!

So here’s what you need to know:
– I will be giving away two books a week every week in December.
-The books being given away are lightly used and well taken care of ARCs, some of which have come out/been published already, while others have yet to be released/published.
-The weekly giveaways only run for one week. So enter ASAP.
-Said weekly giveaways are only open to US residents. (Yes, yes, international readers I hear you just hold on and keep reading.)
– There will be special giveaway the week of the 21st.
* This same week, there will be a giveaway (using the book depository) for INTERNATIONAL Readers only! (I’m finally doing it for you guys!)

This week’s prize..,
An ARC copy of Far From You by Tess Sharpe! This one already “came out” but I really enjoyed it and you can check out my review here!

AND an ARC copy of Zodiac by Romina Russell. I haven’t gotten to write a review of it yet and I may never, but it was quite enjoyable! It “comes out” December 9th 2014!

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