The Great Return

The Great Return


That’s right, I’m back. And I really mean it this time, pinky promise. It has been a long time, I know. I am really sorry about that, I feel like I’ve neglected you guys and my TBR pile! So, I’ve been trying to keep up to date with all the other blogs I follow and get back on track with what’s new and exciting in the literary world.


It feels a bit like I’ve missed everything! But I am getting there, I’ve been reading and commenting like a mad woman!

Just incase some brilliant posts by my favorite bloggers have slipped through your fingers, here are my favorites (since my return):

-Amanda @Of Spectacles and Books eloquently approached a topic that every bookworm has an opinion on. See her post on the great censorship debate here.

-Cait @Paper Fury also touched on an important topic in a discussion type post on sexism in epic fantasy.

-Like me, Skylar @Life of a Random made a comeback recently. She also started a new feature so be sure to check that out here!

Also, a girl that I go to school with recently started her own book review blog so give her a warm welcome to the community if you get the chance!


4 thoughts on “The Great Return

  1. WELCOME BACK! ^-^ And omg, thank you for sharing my post!! *flails* I always feel this way when I go on a holiday or a hiatus. xD It’s fun to catch up though (sometimes overwhelming too, lol).


  2. Good for you for getting back at it. I’ve been thinking about it, but gosh–what has it been? SIX FREAKING MONTHS?! Anyway, looking forward to hearing more of your virtual self. God knows I see enough of you in real life 😉


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