Independent Bookstore Day

Independent Bookstore Day

(Photo Credit: Liberty Bay Books)

If you hadn’t heard already, tomorrow is Independent Bookstore Day! This means it’s a great day to stop by your local Indie bookstore and show them some love. Liberty Bay Books and a lot of stores in my area are doing some really cool things for their costumers. I am super excited to spend my day helping out at Liberty Bay Books (LBB) and meeting all the cool people that stop by to celebrate  and share their love of books, reading, and of course their local stores!

It any of you guys live near me I really encourage you to get in to Liberty Bay Books and the other local bookstores because a) you can win a lot of cool stuff and b) you can meet some really cool people.

Opportunities for cool swag:

If you take Lyft to LBB and bring in your receipt you can get a cool bag thanks to Harper Collins.

LBB is giving away ARCs covered in brown paper (like the blind date a book events some places due for valentines).

And if you get a passport for LBB and local bookstores and get stamps for visiting them, you could be entered to win some seriously fun stuff.

Cool people to meet:

I will be hanging out midday or late morning-ish and would love to meet any of you guys that can stop by!

A bakery will be around LBB in the morning and I think they may be bringing food with them, and who doesn’t love food?

The staff at LBB and a lot of the local stores are some really fun humans that are happy to chat and talk literature with anyone who stops in.

LBB has also scheduled several authors to come in and they are super excited to meet all you book lovers out there!

For more detailed information on all this, check out LBB’s website and click on the Independent Bookstore Day picture (like the one I have above).

If you don’t live near me, make sure to check with your local bookstores to see what special things they might be up to and give them some love and support tomorrow!


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