A Weekend Spent Right

A Weekend Spent Right

(Photo Credit: Suzanne D.)

As you already know if you read my last post, I spent a lot of my day yesterday celebrating Independent Bookstore Day with/at Liberty Bay Books. I had a blast helping out where I could and watching all the customers that drifted in get excited about books and eagerly dig through the box of wrapped mystery copies. Not only was The Borrowed Kitchen Bakery there yesterday, but they are there again today from 10-2 and will become regular guests at the store. I don’t know their precise schedule yet, but I am sure if you follow Liberty Bay Books they will be sharing that information soon.

As if hanging around a bookstore full of enthusiastic book loving people and good food wasn’t enough, Catherine (Previously from Stray Imaginations) came and spent time chilling with me and helping out when needed. We wandered. We helped. We folded. We got coffee. We bought books. And we enjoyed the magic of the day. It was pretty great time.

On top of all this, I got a shelf!


Liberty Bay Books has shelves around the store devoted to each staff member’s favorite reads and recommendations. While I was wandering about yesterday, Suzanne offered me a shelf of my very own! Next to Catherine, this was pretty much the highlight of my day and time at the store.  So now, thanks to Suzanne, when you stop by the store and find the Staff picks shelf (to your left upon entering the store) you can find recommendations from the staff, books that are now movies, and my recommendations!


I couldn’t resist taking a picture. Isn’t it darling? I also got a bunch of Reader, Writer, Critic swag recently. You can kind of see my cute lil’ business cards in the picture and you’ll see the other things when the next few giveaways go up because they’ll be included as winnings!

How did you celebrate Independent Bookstore day? Did you buy stuff? Read stuff? Visit your local bookstore with friends? Or maybe just send good vibes?


6 thoughts on “A Weekend Spent Right

  1. I’m honored that my presence is next to your shelf on your list of awesome things happening (if that made any sense.) I had a good time, too. We should start spending more time wandering around bookstores together.

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  2. This sounds like the most awesome day ever 🙂 And your business cards are so cute! If I ever head out your way, I’m totally going to check out your shelf *grins*

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