Stacking The Shelves

Stacking The Shelves


Stacking the Shelves is a weekly feature put on by Tynga’s Reviews. It allows bloggers to share what new books they’ve collected that particular week.

WIth the holidays and all, I have a decent stack to start the new year off right and I’m excited to dive in, and of course share all my thoughts.


Own: My sister and her boyfriend gave me that stunning copy of Moby Dick. I am excited to try it and step out of my reading comfort zone. Speaking of classics, I finally bought Pride and Prejudice  because I’ve become convinced that I will absolutely love it and have to read it right away. I caved and bought Cinder as well (Yes, I know, I’m that crazy person who hasn’t read a single Marissa Myer book yet. Don’t fling food at me, I’m getting there.). I read the first few pages of this one a while ago and even though I liked what I read, I somehow never got around to reading it. Hopefully it will live up to all I’ve heard.

ARCs: Liberty Bay Books’ ARC boxes are truly wonderful things. I was super excited when I found that they had a ton of new 2016 releases in, but I held back and only picked up two. I started And I Darken last night and so far I’m a fan. Both that one and Rebel of the Sands were impulse picks that I chose after reading only part of the synopsis but both sounded so promising and looked so pretty I couldn’t resist.

Library: Apparently I have been extraordinarily impulsive lately because Dream A Little Dream was also a total spur of the moment splurge.l I picked it up on my way to check out, when I was supposed to be getting loads of history books for a paper. I finished it in one night and should have a review up this month.

What should I read next? Have you read any of these? What books ended up on your shelf this week?


10 thoughts on “Stacking The Shelves

  1. Cinder is great! (even though personally I like the second book Scarlet better :D) I hope you like it.

    And GOSH I didn’t know that Kerstin Gier had more books out. I’ve read some of her time-travel series books (Ruby Red, etc) and loved them so I need to read this one asap. It sounds absolutely amazing ^_^


    1. Knowing that, I’ll make sure this series is one I follow through with, provided I love Cinder. Thanks, me too! X)
      This was the first one of hers that I read! I mostly enjoyed it, but I’ll try and save my commentary for the review. I may have to take a look at her time-travel series too. 🙂


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